Practice Areas – Consumer Fraud Act Claims

Consumer Fraud Act Claims

The significant remedies awarded to successful plaintiffs under The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act include the possibility of treble damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs and well as possible injunctive relief.  Such matters also provide exposure to the client beyond what insurance coverage may offer. Consequently, providing our clients with a rigorous defense, but timely advice and counsel, when sued for Consumer Fraud Act violations is vitally important.

Montgomery Fetten attorneys have vast experience in defending contractors, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers who face allegations of Consumer Fraud Act violations in a variety of settings.  Our substantial experience in litigating the technical terms and provisions of the Consumer Fraud Act, together with our knowledge of relevant case law interpreting the Consumer Fraud Act statute and regulations promulgated thereunder as well as companion statutes such as the Truth in Consumer Contract Warranty and Notice Act, Truth-in-Lending Act, new and used car lemon law, automotive sales and advertising practices and retailer regulations has enabled us to safely counsel our clients to avoid the pitfalls of the ramifications of the statutes and regulations.